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Lens System

CRRS use high-performance Gen 2+ or 3 image intensifier tube, which significantly improves observation and extend distance. The scope fits for international common standard Picatinny rail, and it can be used for heavy recoil sniper rifles respectively with mount rail systems.


  • Police / Law enforcement / Military
  • Night surveillance / Hunting
  • Patrol / Rescue / Search


  • 4x / 6x / 8x magnification
  • Gen 2+ / 3
  • Shockproof even with heavy recoil (incl. .375H & H cal.)
  • Special high light transmission optics
  • Long eye relief
  • Precision tactical windage/elevation adjustment (1/4 MOA)
  • Water resistance/ weatherproof
  • Light weight
  • Military standard

Package includes

  • Night Vision Weapon Sights CRRS
  • Picatinny rail
  • Hard case
  • Detachable IR
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Manual

Optional accessories

  • Soft case
Parameter Value
Batteries 1 x CR123A
Diopter adjustment from -4 to +3
Low battery indicator YES
Operating temp range from -45 to +50
Shock resistance Can be used for weapon with heavy recoil
Storage temperature range from -45 to +65
Supply voltage 3
Active Performance Period without IR illumination 60
Active Performance Period with IR illumination N/A
Auto-off under 40 Lux YES
Auto-on under 10 Lux YES
Built-in Infrared External detachable IR
Changeable Additional Lenses NO
Detection (cloud cover) 200
Detection (quarter moon) 310
Dimensions (mm x mm x mm) 280 x 95 x 82
Electronic Compass NO
Eye relief (mm) 45 mm
Focus range (m) 10 m to infinity
Fom 1250
Fov 12
Generation of image intensifier tube 2+
Identification (m) 100
IR effective distance 100
IR indicator Depends on illuminator model
Laser rangefinder NO
Lens system mm:F 80 mm : F 1.4
MOA 1/4 per cl
Model CRRS54-2
Translation missing: en.mount Mil-STD-1913
Optical magnification x 4x
Positioning system GPS NO
Recognition (cloud cover) 150
Recognition (quarter moon) 180
Recording NO
Relative humidity at 25 98
Resolution 48 - 58
Signal to noise > 20
Spectral response wavelength 800 - 850
Tripod mounted NO
Tube life 10000
Type of image intensifier tube S-25, Multi-Alcali 18 mm
Waterproof IP65
Weight (g) 1030
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RONGLAND reserves the right to improve the specification and/or design without any notice. Some of parameters like RANGE may vary depending on the user, light, contrast, environmental conditions and set up.


What is the difference between thermal imaging and night vision?

Night vision devices require minimal illumination (which is why they use near-infrared). They are sometimes susceptible to exposure to sudden light sources. In addition, unlike thermal imaging - night vision devices "see" through glass. Thermal imaging devices, on the other hand, make it possible to see at any time of the day or night, even in total darkness.They work on the basis of the difference in temperature, which allows them to detect also hidden objects, animals and people - even if they are hidden behind bushes, vegetation or in hard-to-reach places. Over-the-horizon thermal imaging devices allow operation in harsh weather conditions like fog, rain, snow, at sea, etc. As a rule, thermal imaging technology is more expensive than night vision.

What specifically makes Rongland products different from others on the market?

The Rongland brand originated from products for the military sector, firefighters and rescue teams. To this day, it is still our company's main customer. This makes even the engineering design itself anticipate higher-than-civilian reliability performance - because human lives sometimes depend on it. The tenders we've been handling for years require a service life of no less than generally 10 years, burdened with numerous endurance tests and certifications. In our history, we have had less than 1% of the world's complaints and warranty repairs (combined). So it's safe to assume that unless you're looking for a cheap toy for one season - it's simply worth investing in good equipment. And that's what every Rongland device is.

What if I don't know how to choose the right device for me, I don't fully understand these specialized designations, or I'm not sure you have something more suitable for my needs?

In such a situation, send us as much specific information as possible, that is, either the requirements in the form of technical data, or a description of applications. Ideally, also add information about the planned budget - then we will send you our recommendation.

How does Rongland's repair and warranty service work?

Our devices, as a rule, do not break down - so in a situation where the equipment is already really not working, then contact us at with the serial number of the device and the details of the person/company who purchased the device - then we will make a remote preliminary diagnosis without taking the equipment away from you for that time.If the fault would actually prove necessary for physical diagnosis or repair by the service, then you will send the device to us by courier to our Polish service. In the case of compiled repairs, we will use our UK service. You will receive all information directly from us.