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Valkyrie WTRS

Valkyrie WTRS

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Lens System
Thermal Detector

The WTRS thermal imaging scopes are designed for use both at night and in daylight, in unfavourable weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) to see through obstacles that make it difficult to detect the target (branches, tall grass, dense thickets, etc.). The video recorder with 32 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi module, laser rangefinder, long working time and many other important features makes the device a versatile tool for even the most demanding professionals.

WTRS comes in 4 variants in terms of thermal detector resolution and front lens size:

  • WTRS36-R6 with resolution 640 x 480 pixels and front lens 35mm.
  • WTRS36-R3 with resolution 384 x 288 pixels and front lens 35mm.
  • WTRS51-R6 with resolution 640 x 480 pixels and front lens 50mm.
  • WTRS51-R3 with resolution 384 x 288 pixels and front lens 50mm.


  • Wifi
  • Internal memory 32Gb
  • Video recorder
  • Operations through the “OneTouch Button"
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Quick release clip on Picatinny 1913 mount

Standard set

  • Thermal sight
  • Carrying case
  • The USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Lens cover
  • Lens cleaning cloth
Parameter Value
Batteries 2 x 18650 flat
Diopter adjustment from -5 to +4
Low battery indicator Yes
Operating temp range from -20 to +50
Shock resistance 9 kJ
Storage temperature range from -40 to +60
Supply voltage 2 x 3.7
Additional mounting rail No
Battery life 8
Bluetooth No
Brightness adjustment Manual
Contrast Manual
Detection 1000
Detector sensor type Uncooled Vox
Dimensions (mm x mm x mm) 180 x 76 x 100
Display Colour OLED
Electronic Compass No
External power YES (USB-C)
Eye relief (mm) 50
E-zoom 2x, 4x, 8x
Focus range (m) 5
Fov H x V = 7.5 x 5.7
Frame rate 50
Identification (m) 270
Image size output resolution 1024 x 768
Laser rangefinder YES
Lens system mm:F 35 mm : F 1.1
LR measurement accuracy (+/-) 1
LR measuring range 5 - 1000 m
LR safety class for laser equipment 1
Material Amorphous silicon
MOA per click (@100m) - 0.87
Model WTRS36-R3
Mounting systems to weapon Mil STD 1913
Optical magnification x 1,9
Pixel pitch 17 (12 optional)
Polarity control White hot, black hot, multiple colour modes
Positioning system GPS No
Power off time 3
Recognition 400
Recording YES
Reticule Dot, Cross
Reticule colours YES
Sensor resolution 384 x 288
Sharpness adjustment Manual
Spectral response from 8 to 14
Standby mode YES
Start from standby 1
Start up time 5
Storage 32Gb
Thermal sensitivity < 35
Video output YES (USB-C)
Waterproof IP67
Weight (g) 690
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6 image polarization colors

The color change function (polarity control) gives you a choice of 6 image colors, easy to change depending on the current environmental conditions and your
own preferences.


Exceptionally advanced and fully integrated with a rangefinder control panel, it enables rapid and accurate distance measurement, significantly enhancing shooting precision and the ability to adjust sights for different scenarios and distances

Standby function

Instant switching to and from the standby function allows you to save battery, without the risk of missing an important moment while waiting for the device to be turned on again.

Adaptation to anyweapon

Rongland scopes are produced in the most popular NATO standard with Picatinny rail,  while also providing mounting using an adapter for other rails, such as the Blaser Saddle Mount or AK SideRail (for popular Blaser hunting rifles, Sauer, CZ, Sako, etc).

Select the color and shape of the target indicator

The menu allows the user to select one of four available reticle colors and one of five available target indicator shapes.

Battery life and USB-C charging

The battery life is 10 hours, and the device can also be connected directly to the power supply or to a power bank (USB-C).

Custom settings for user and weapon

A simple and well-thought-out menu allows you to select and save individual preferences and functions of the device, as well as calibrate (zeroing) for each weapon separately

Joystick for control and navigate

A new solution on the market in the form of a single joystick allows you to control all functions and settings of the device without taking your eyes off the viewfinder. No more pressing buttons blindly - now you can control everything with a convenient joystick.

Easy to use application

To operate the real-time video and photo recording module, you can use the mobile application, available free of charge in the AppStore and GooglePlay stores. Such multimedia is saved immediately on the phone, without the need to download it from the device.

Durability and reliability

These devices were crafted with the specific needs of special services and the military in mind, both of which demand exceptional durability and resilience against a wide range of environmental factors and challenges.