CCNVS night vision module specially designed for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.
With a different camera rings device can be fit to other cameras.
Built-in European Hyper Gen 2+ /3 Image Intensifier Tube.
Thanks to the quick installation you can capture high-resolution images at night as well as in the low-light environments, so it’s the best choice for night photographers, detectives, security services and law enforcement for keeping evidence, etc.
Operating for users is easy.
Equipment can be supported with a different lenses like 1x,3x,5x,7x as an optional lens for viewing longer distance.
Coupling with Nikon /Canon AF-S wedged to use for various fix/variable  focus telephoto / wide-angle lens, standard lens & any other special anti-vibration lens flexible  (Nikon D90 above  products).
Support Nikon/Canon AF-S electronic image control system can keep original image detection function to catch a clear picture of D-movie under star/moon light environments.
Can cooperate with invisible LED IR illuminator to observe, picture & record video under full dark conditions (like a tunnel, cave or chamber).

Package includes:

- device
- hard case or soft bag
- clean cloth
- manual
- detachable IR

Generation Image Intensifier Tube Super 2+/3
Sensor resolution N/A
Resolution (lp/mm) 57 - 64
Optical magnification Depends on Lens
Lens system 130 mm : F 1.85
Detection quarter moon Depends on Camera and Lens
Detection cloud cover Depends on Camera and Lens
Recognition quarter moon Depends on Camera and Lens
Recognition cloud cover Depends on Camera and Lens
Identification Depends on Camera and Lens
Weight 480g
Eye relief N/A
E-Zoom N/A
Thermal Sensitivity N/A
Dimensions 103x70x70mm
Coupling wedged AF-S
Power supply 1x CR123    
Photocathode operating diameter 18 mm
Signal-to-noise ratio  20-23
Mean time before failure  10,000 hours
Dynamic graph

Detection and Recognition parameters were obtained during the quarter moon.

RONGLAND reserves the right to improve the specification and/or design without any notice. Some of parameters like RANGE may vary depending on the user, light, contrast, environmental conditions and set up.


  • Converts day camera into night vision device.
  • Hyper Gen 2+ /3 Image Intensifier Tube.
  • Designed for Nikon and Canon DSLR camera.
  • Solid, compact design.
  • High-quality optical image.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Outstanding resolution and performance.

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  • SKU Code: CCNVS
  • Uses:
  • Military
  • Hunting
  • Animal Viewing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Night Vision