My first Air Soft experiences

A long time ago...

My first airsoft night fights had something exciting and annoying at the same time. From the first moment my colleagues warned me that flashlights should not be used because they expose the user's position. I had to move around quietly, rather by roads or fields where there is not a noise of steps, and to speak in a whisper, or best not at all.

Everything around was filled with fears, uncertainty, shadows and spots that took on shapes of lurking enemies. All the time I had a question: Is it my friend or the enemy? Should I shoot or not? How to make sure who is it?

When the fight began, the question was where do they shoot from and where should I aim my gun? Initially I did not like night fighting because it was not like what you could see in the movies. Without flashes, noises and fire, just the uncertainty as in some horror movie.


Night patrol.

I remember very hard experiences during my first night patrol when instead of sleeping I had to wait for the opponent. And unfortunately this one did not come. Nevertheless, at night the forest is full of sounds, rustles and almost audible voices of nonexistent enemies. Many times I saw my colleagues nervously stare at the darkness and shoot at the bushes claiming there was someone there.

On that day our opponents were a team called FTS.We were informed that we must be careful because FTS has a night vision devices.

In those days the night vision was something mythical, what scared any player without that device.We did not know much about night vision devices, just only that they have infra red emmiter, which at night is seen as a delicate red spot.

That night I heard a rustle of approaching steps and saw dozens of red dots around me.Some of my colleagues started an uneven fight, screamed and fired hundreds of plastic balls... But no one shot back.

The next day we noticed that no one was around us. Boys from the FTS were not able to find us, so they made a bonfire two kilometers away from us. When we fought with an imaginary opponent, they ate sausages, drank beer and joked.

It's hard to imagine a situation in which my colleagues would have been equiped with the real weapons...


Fight with the Night Vision... (to be continued)

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