About us

Rongland is a European manufacturer of dual-purpose night vision and thermal imaging devices. The company specializes in designing and delivering end products for both civilian and military markets worldwide. While the primary end-users of the company's products are institutional clients such as coast guards, police, border patrol, military, and special forces, it is increasingly possible for private individuals, including hunters, preppers, travelers, and more, to purchase their devices.

Rongland's observational products have earned a reputation in the Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, and other regions. The company strives to provide functional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing observational technology that meets the highest international standards of quality and safety. Rongland's night vision and thermal imaging devices find wide-ranging applications in various fields, including night-time recreation, outdoor sports, wildlife observation, hunting, as well as in the services of police, military, border control, rescue agencies, detective agencies, and law enforcement.

Rongland offers high-quality, technologically advanced night vision and thermal imaging devices that are user-friendly, dependable, weather-resistant, and technologically advanced. The company supplies equipment not only to individual retail customers but also to wholesalers, businesses, and public institutions. The group operates under licenses from both the United Kingdom and the European Union, with service centers located in London (United Kingdom) and Łódź (Poland).

Rongland – brings vision in the dark!