DNLR400-3 are Rongland Day and Night Systems products developed for the users who have high and strict requirements about the distance.

The device is equipped with super big objective lenses. Greater lens means more light is entering the device, so the scope is more efficient and ensures high image quality with a larger distance.
Therefore you can see the distant target clearly even in the low light conditions.

With a powerful and unique high magnification objective lenses, this device can let you see targets which are away more than 3200 metres.
The product can be equipped with a heavy-duty telescopic tripod. Perfect for rescue brigades, border guards, special forces, military, animal viewing and night escapades.

Package includes:

- tripod
- detachable IR
- hard case
- clean cloth
- manual

Model DNLR400-3
Generation Image Intensifier Tube 3
Resolution (lp/mm) 57 - 64
Optical magnification 16 X
Lens system 412 mm : F 1.2 (Day/Night)
Detection quarter moon up to 3500 m
Detection cloud cover up to 3200 m
Recognition quarter moon up to 3000 m
Recognition cloud cover up to 2600 m
Identification up to 1600 m
Weight 12kg
Eye relief 15mm
Dimensions 400x250x240mm
Signal to noise  >23
Focus range 200m-infinity
Exit pupil 4.5mm
Diopter Adjustment -4/+4
Reticle scale-division value 5 miles
Battery type 1xCR123A
Battery lifetime 80 hours
Dynamic graph

Detection and Recognition parameters were obtained during the quarter moon.

RONGLAND reserves the right to improve the specification and/or design without any notice. Some of parameters like RANGE may vary depending on the user, light, contrast, environmental conditions and set up.


  • Long observation range (up to 3200m at low light level)
  • High image quality across the screen
  • Day and Night use
  • Unique fast optics enables high light transmission
  • Bright light cut-off
  • Automatic brightness from lateral or frontal light sources
  • Automatic light control with manual override (optional)
  • Low power consumption
  • Heavy-duty telescopic tripod

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  • SKU Code: DNLR400-3
  • Uses:
  • Military
  • Hunting
  • Animal Viewing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Night Vision
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