The Rongland DNC130-2 Clip-on Night Vision System gives your daytime scope Night Vision capability in a matter of seconds.
Rongland DNC130-2 is designed to mount in front of your existing day scope easily.
When you switch from a night vision scope to a daytime scope the Clip on the system is a great convenience to not having to re-zero your scope. All you need to do is attach the night vision clip-on the system in front of your already zeroed daytime scope, and you will be ready to use your scope at night!
The product can be used with any Day scope with 8.5x-32x adopt with standard Picatinny interface.
DNC130-2 is available for all kinds of calibre guns with Picatinny mount rail; it is solid, has a compact design, high-quality optical image, and high impact zero stability.
The device can be used in all kinds of extreme severe environmental conditions.
With advanced Image Intensifier Tube third generation, Rongland DNC130-2 gives you outstanding resolution and performance.
This model can be mounted on CS/LR4 series high precision rifles in 7.62mm.
Accurate aiming and shooting target from 20m to 1100m away.

Package includes:

- Picatinny rail
- hard case or soft bag
- cleaning cloth
- manual



Detection quarter moon

Depends on daytime Rifle Scope

Detection cloud cover

Depends on daytime Rifle Scope

Recognition quarter moon

Depends on daytime Rifle Scope

Recognition cloud cover

Depends on daytime Rifle Scope


Depends on daytime Rifle Scope

Model DNC130-2
Generation Image Intensifier Tube 2(+)
Resolution (lp/mm) 48 - 58
Optical magnification 1 X
Lens system 130 mm : F 1.3
Detection, Recognition, Identification Depends on daytime Rifle Scope
Weight 1000g
Dimensions 213x82x96mm
Signal to noise >20
Objective lens diameter,mm 70
Power supply ,v 3
Battery type, 1x CR123A
Mounting bracket Picatinny rail
Daytime rifle scope
Magnification 8.5x~32x(continuously adjustable)
FOV 8.5x2.8º,32x0.75º
Exit pupil diameter ≧1.4mm
Eye-relief ≧60mm
Focusing range 50mm to infinity(∞)(Continuously adjustable)
Diopter range -4~+2D
Reticle range High-low-8~0,direction -4~+4 mil
Reticle adjustment precision 0.02mil±20%
Hit zero momentum ≦0.15mil
Weight ≦1.2kg (battery included, accessory exclusive)
Dynamic graph

Detection and Recognition parameters were obtained during the quarter moon.

RONGLAND reserves the right to improve the specification and/or design without any notice. Some of parameters like RANGE may vary depending on the user, light, contrast, environmental conditions and set up.


  • New Design.
  • Converts day scope into night vision device
  • Solid, compact design
  • High “impact zero” stability
  • High-quality optical image
  • No re-zeroing required
  • Weatherproof
  • Outstanding resolution and performance

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  • SKU Code: DNC130-2
  • Uses:
  • Military
  • Hunting
  • Animal Viewing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Night Vision